“What we can study from Brittney Griner’s story”

The legal group of her client announced on Wednesday that Brittney Griner, the American basketball player at the moment being held in jail, was transferred to the Russian penal colony. According the legal group of her, we do not know the current or future location. Griner was found guilty of possession of a tiny quantity of cannabis oil and sentenced to the sentence of 9 years in jail She was launched from a detention middle on Nov. 4, her legal group announced. “We don’t have any specifics about her current whereabouts or the last location,” they reported. Following an attempt to buy cannabis oil at an Moscow pharmacy the basketball player was taken into custody in Moscow. In October, she was sentenced to 9 years in prison

. 1. What is a penal colony?

A penal colony is a settlement that is used to exile criminals as good as other undesirable people. A lot of penal colonies are additional away from civilization located in rural or distant areas. The use of penal colonies is a long-standing practice relationship back to the time of old instances in which individuals were usually eliminated to islands in distant areas or distant locations as punishment for their actions. The most famous penal colony was most likely one of the ones that was set up on the island of Tasmania located off the coast of Australia

. 2. What is the distinction between jail and penal colony? prison?

A penal colony is totally different from the jail. A penal colony is a house wherein individuals are sent to be punished for their crimes, while a jail is an institution wherein prisoners are detained while waiting for trials or completing their sentence. While penal colonies tend to be found in unhospitable or distant areas, prisons can usually be found in areas that have a better number of residents. It is usually extra challenging for prisons to escape from penal colonies in comparability to prisons

. 3. What caused Brittney Griner get herself into the Russian penitentiary?

It’s unclear why Brittney Griner got herself into a Russian jail colony. It is attainable that Brittney Giner was associated with unlawful activities when she was in Russia. It’s all speculation, and we do not exactly how she ended up in the jail colony

. 4. What’s the environment like in an Russian penal colony?

Russian penal colonies are recognized for their brutal and savage stipulations. A lot of Russian penal colonies residence prisoners in cramped, filthy areas with restricted entry to medical companies and the primary necessities. The guards, as good as the other prisoners tend to be violent. As such, it is not surprising that Brittney Griner has been reported to be headed to one of the Russian jail colony

. Quick Summary

The White House has issued a statement declaring that it’s “deeply preoccupied” over the studies that WNBA star Brittney Griner is being sent to a labor camp in Russia. The administration says they’ll work hard to get her to be released


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