The risky precedent set by this mob: will this lead to extra vigilante justice?

An indignant mob stormed a New Karachi police station to inflict punishment on a lady who was suspected of having desecrated. They wished to impose themselves on the individual in question, and they weren’t content to comply with the legislations. It’s clear that this violates the legislations and legislations. We’re extremely disenchanted by this sort of lawlessness. Everyone should be peaceful and observe the legislations. The resolution is not in the legislations that will cause extra chaos and violence

. A Quick Summary

These instances require that police officers be skilled on how to deal with blasphemy FIRs better and provide emotional help for the adored ones of the suspects. The partner of the victim concerned in this matter has acknowledged that she was emotionally troubled, and it’s possible that she was not at peace with her intellect at the time she made those statements that lead to the FIR being filed against her. The police should investigate this angle as well, and if they find that the woman is not steady in her mental state it is best to get rid of the charge and supply her with the acceptable medical assistance instead


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