The First Black Marines

The very first Black 4 Marine Corps officer Lieutenant. Major Michael E. Langley has been serving as a member of the Marine Corps since 1985. Langley is an Shreveport native , and was promoted in the year 1985 as a second lieutenant. Since since then, he’s been the commander of Marines at every level. He’s served in the military , and has been stationed in Japan, Afghanistan, Okinawa as well as other nations. The promotion marks a major event in the history of the department that is trying to recruit Black members. Space Force Space Force, which was only formed recently, is trying to find Black Guardians. Black Guardian.

Lt. Gen. Michael E. Langley

A single University of Arlington graduate could be the first Black general with four stars in the American Marine Corps history. This year, the United States Africa Command will be headed by Lieutenant. Major Michael E. Langley. Langley was a lieutenant general for 246 years within the Marine Corps. Frank E. Petersen Jr. as well as Ronald L. Bailey were the first Black Marine Generals. Both were promoted to the rank of lieutenant general.

Langley is a Shreveport native, was commissioned as a Shreveport in the year 1985. Langley was a Marine commanding officer at all levels and has served on many African missions. His African friends have also aided his efforts in fighting the conflict in Somalia, Japan and Afghanistan. In addition, the Marine Corps has launched new initiatives that will increase the diversity of its personnel and to retain them. This goal will be accomplished through this initiative. Marine Corps’ Black 4 initiative.

His great-uncle was a Montford Point Marines veteran

Nathaniel Whitaker, a young African American man, was recently presented with the Congressional Gold Medal in recognition of his contribution to his country’s U.S. Marine Corps. He served in the Montford Point Marines during World War II. He was awarded an Alabama Black Achievement Awards Gala award in 2011. Nathaniel is his son who organized the event. Nathaniel Whittaker is the father of the alt-saxist Greg Whittaker. He was a soldier in World War II with the Montford Point Marines and was the first to pioneer integration of race in the U.S Marine Corps.

Buster Fuller, in addition to being an American citizen, was as well an Montford Point Marines member. Fuller served as an officer with the Montford Point Marines, and an Mercedes-devil-may-care chauffeur. He was the leader in his band, the Parris Island Marine Band after his service in the military. This racial discrimination that was prevalent at the period ruined his great-uncle’s story.

The military service he completed at the Pentagon

General Michael E. Langley served for 37 years with his time in the Marine Corps. In Marine Corps’ history, Langley is one of the Marine Corps’ first Black four-star Marine General. His role in the U.S. military operations in Africa will be managed by his leadership. Langley is from Shreveport in Louisiana and graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington. Langley was in a variety of leadership positions within his position in the Marine Corps, and Pentagon in his time of military service. Langley is the current Commander of Fleet Marine Force Atlantic, as well as Marine Forces Command.

Langley’s confirmation is an important moment within Marine Corps history. The ranks of command in the Marine Corps are known for being uniform, despite the fact that they are an organization with a variety of cultures. Just half of the Marine Corps’ Black generals have been appointed. Langley is the first Black Marine with a four-star rank. There’s been some debate regarding his appointment by the Senate Armed Services Committee.

He was the commanding officer of the U.S. Africa Command during his tenure.

U.S. Department of Defense suggested Marine Corps Lieutenant General Michael E. Langley to be promoted to the grade of Major. The following U.S. Africa Command commander is Langley. He is responsible for 6,000-7,000 troops across Africa. Recently, the Marine Corps has not been successful in recruiting enough officers of African descent. Langley was promoted due to concerns regarding the dearth of diversity within the Marine Corps.

Langley sent out a letter last month in the last month a warning to French as well as the Russians not to set up air defenses in Mali. This announcement came just weeks before the time when Langley was scheduled to receive confirmation as the the sixth chief in the U.S. Africa Command. A confirmation ceremony for Langley is scheduled for Thursday. Langley is one of the very first Black Marine General to be awarded four stars, is responsible in the direction of U.S. military operations on Africa. The insurgents have become one of the most dangerous adversaries.

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