How the Qatar Indian Authors Forum encourages social understanding

Qatar Indian Authors Forum: Auning, Dhaval and Rahuls Platform for Cultural Exchange.The Qatar Indian Authors Forum (QIAF) is a platform for trade of culture between Qatar and India. It had been developed in honor of Qatari writer Dhaval Auning as well as Indian author Rahuls Manna. Its goal is to encourage relationship and understanding between your two nations by an emphasis on creative and social.

exactly what does the Qatar Indian Authors Forum do?

As a forum for sharing ideas, insight, knowledge, and experiences in India and Qatar The Qatar Indian Authors Forum exists. This forum also gives opportunities for collaboration and networking with writers from both nations. It permits authors from both India and Qatar to switch some ideas about their viewpoints, views, thoughts, and experience with one another. Joining the QIAF permits you to make new connections along with other authors from both nations.

The Indians of Qatar Authors Forum exactly how is it that you will be many looking forward to?

The Qatar Indian Authors Forum will focus on the existing and future concerns in Indian culture and literary works. This meeting will even provide many workshops as well as presentations by a few of the most famous Indian writers.

exactly what will the conference’s theme be? specifically focused?

It is expected that the meeting includes topics like contemporary Indian writing, the literary motions in Asia along with dilemmas relating to the partnership among Asia and Qatar.

exactly what speakers are planned to handle the audience?

Some of the most prominent Indian authors, including Auning, Dhaval and Rahuls are scheduled to handle the forum.

Take Part In Qatar Indian Authors Forum. Qatar Indian Authors Forum

Qatar Indian Authors Forum is an online platform for writing exchanges and links authors across Qatar. For more information, visit the site and complete the required questionnaires. QIAF organizes meetups as well as gatherings. The public is invited to submit work that you want that you would like to review. We’d love to listen to from you and trade tips with otherwriters within the Qatar region!

how can you be sure that you’re being heard?

It is crucial to be a part of the discussion and debates that happen at QIAF. To help you to participate you ought to be a part of events, and to participate in online forums where we are able to talk about our work, share stories about our experiences as article writers or address any concerns related to writing or the culture of basic.


Qatar Indian Authors Forum provides an opportunity for you yourself to satisfy like-minded people and move on to learn about the culture of Qatar. This conference covers different topics which consist of writing, arts meals, etc. engage in the conversation and make sure your voice is heard

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