From Michelin-starred to hole-in-the-wall – where to find the best satay beef noodles in Hong Kong

Yongshun and Sun Kee Cafe are two spots that are renowned to get satay beef noodles. Where else could you find them? We’ll find out! There’s also Yongshun and Cafe Seasons! There are a couple of additional places worth a visit in Hong Kong. If you’re interested in trying authentic satay beef noodles in Hong Kong, you’ll need to make a trip to these locations!

Sun Kee Cafe

The noodles dish that is topped with satay beef sauce is an iconic Hong Kong favorite. It is expected to open in mid-May. date for this newly opened noodle store. This noodle-based dish is a mixture of rice, vegetables as well as noodles, served with a spicy broth called satay. It’s served by a sunny egg and red sausage. If you’re looking to save money, you can substitute instant noodles instead of beef.

The sauce of satay beef is fragrant and rich, but not overly salty. The noodles are soft and tiny portions of beef are served. Noodles are soft and springy. To prevent the noodles from becoming too tart it is recommended to place them in a small dish. The technique produces a soupy effect, which also stops the noodles from becoming soft. The dinner is served with an enormous amount of egg and amomum.

Leung Kee Restaurant

If you’re shopping for beef satay, take a look at the brand new branch of Leung Kee Restaurant. The noodle restaurant will be open in May. It will serve similar spicy broth as well as the same beef satay sauce coated with it. It is also possible to add sun-dried egg or red sausage. Alternate instant noodles for rice noodles in order to make this recipe more tasty.

Even though Leung Kee is famous for its claypot rice, their beef noodle satay offerings also impress. Include your favorite protein, like pork or cut beef, along with generous amounts of onions, peppers, and other ingredients. The broth of satay here is thick and sweet and is infused with espresso to give bitterness and the depth of flavour. Another popular restaurant for noodles in the area is Fong Wing Kee, a famous hotpot restaurant that’s been around for years located in Kowloon City. Hotpot is also available at this restaurant, which provides a wide variety of soup choices, including satay meat.


Hong Kong is known for its beef satay noodles. Doll noodles are cooked with a thick, fiery beef broth. The recipe originated from Indonesia and spread throughout the region, including to Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore as well as Fujian. Satay beef noodles in Hong Kong are usually served with rice vermicelli. For a perfect finish, you can serve the noodles with fresh spring onions.

Satay noodles are easy to digest. beef noodles are a very popular option in the region. While you could make an excellent bowl of noodles at home, it’s hard to beat the texture and taste in satay-coated beef noodles from the local Hong Kong restaurant. Bowls of hot steaming noodles and a huge helping of satay-coated beef is sure to leave you happy and wanting more.

Cafe Seasons

If you’re looking for the satay beef noodles of Hong-Kong you’re in the right place. Cafe Seasons offers fast food with classic Hong Kong flavours. The address is 88 Des Voeux Rd in Central Cafe Seasons, the restaurant has takeaway as well as dining-in. NFC payments can also be made. Here are a few of the highlights.

Hot and served hot, the noodle soup has an extra special feature that is the inclusion of eggs that are raw. Raw eggs add the soup’s interactive element and provides an additional layer of richness, flavour and texture. This dish is served in select branches from Kwong Wing Kee This means that you’ll need to make your reservation early. Cafe Seasons is the newest restaurant we’ve included on our list. This stylish Cha Chaan Tang is situated in Central and offers a rich, Satay beef instant noodles.

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